Abstract musical notes background; art concepts, original 3d rendering, RF illustration text reads: 2023 AMS Annual Meeting
9-12 November 2023
Denver, Colorado

Welcome to AMS 2023!

9-12 November 2023, Denver, Colorado

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About our Music/Culture Series

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Founded in 1993 by George Lipsitz, Susan McClary, and Robert Walser, Wesleyan’s Music/Culture series features outstanding critical work on music. Unconstrained by disciplinary divides, the series addresses music and power through a range of times, places, and approaches. Music/Culture strives to integrate a variety of approaches to the study of music, linking analysis of musical significance to larger issues of power—what is permitted and forbidden, who is included and excluded, who speaks and who gets silenced. Music/Culture zeroes in on how musicians articulate social needs, conflicts, coalitions, and hope. Books in the series investigate the cultural work of music in urgent and sometimes experimental ways, from the radical fringe to the quotidian. Music/Culture asks deep and broad questions about music through the framework of the most restless and rigorous critical theory. View all books in the series here.