Minnie Bruce Pratt

September 12, 1946–July 2, 2023

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Minnie Bruce Pratt—poet, essayist, organizer, and activist.

You can read more about Pratt in this moving obituary written by Julie R. Enszer, “When We Say We Love Each Other: Loving the Life and Work of Minnie Bruce Pratt,” and at Pratt’s website.

Enjoy a video of Minnie Bruce reading from her book Magnified, followed by a discussion with Enszer, courtesy of Sinister Wisdom.

You can also find much moving content at Minnie Bruce’s Facebook page, where she shared weekly poems and posts related to human rights—including LGBTQ+ rights, labor rights, and issues related to racism.

Minnie Bruce will be missed by all—her family, friends, colleagues, fellow activists, and all of us here at Wesleyan University Press. She is irreplaceable. But her work will continue to inspire us.

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