WesPress Gift Guide

‘Tis the season! Treat a colleague, family member, or yourself to a book from Wesleyan. Use discount code Q301 to receive 30% off of your order.

Perennial Favorites

Classic Rockwell Kent
Perfect for Wesleyan music alumni (or fans!)
Robert Bly’s first poetry collection
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Recent Wesleyan Poetry

Popular Fiction

Fantastical stories by a beloved writing teacher
Life, love, death, and laughs in a small American town
Speculative historical fiction from award-winning Native American author
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Popular Nonfiction

Essays by critically acclaimed science fiction writer and scholar
Biography of Janet Collins, trailblazing Black dancer
Memoir by a Balanchine dancer
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Beautiful Art Books

Haunting photographs from ground zero
Respected dance photographer captures the human form in motion
Abraham Walkowitz Draws Isadora Duncan Dancing

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